LTG Technologies Ltd

100-703 Broughton Street Victoria V8W-1E2 British Columbia, Canada+1-866-44 LUCKY[58259]
TNS License : 75270
NSC Code : 202660507
TNS Blanket : 1126260948/6H. RZ3

  • Good Defect
    • Licence plate
    • Fluids (engine oil,engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid)
    • Belts
    • Hoses
    • Battery
    • Engine compartment
  • Good Defect
    • Seats, seat-belts - Seats and passenger compartment is clean
    • Mirrors -Clean and free of cracks
    • Windows/windshield- Free of cracks and that they open and close
    • Windshield wipers/ washers
    • Heater/defroster
    • Interior lights
    • Four-way flashers
    • Horn
    • Engine noises
  • Yes No
    Valid Driver License & Vehicle Insurance
    TNS (Lucky To Go) Vehicle Identifier
    Up-To-date Driver Profile
  • Yes No
    One first-aid kit (that meets the WorkSafe BC guidelines)
    One Spare tires
    One Fire extinguisher
  • Yes No
    8-hour rest since last shift
    NOT exceeding 60 hours of commercial driving in this week
    0% Alcohol & 0% THC in last 12 hours
  • Yes No
    Have you read & agree to above section
    Have you worked with any other TNS company
I Agree to terms & conditions *

Pre-Trip Inspection report must be completed prior to the shift.

IMPORTANT: Please Review the Pre-Trip Inspection Report carefully before submitting.If failed to do so driver will be held response for all legal consequences. Absolutely NO use of Alcohol or any substance for 12 hours before the shift.